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About us

ADD:A5 Block QiuShuiLing Industry Area
E-Gong-Ling,PingHu Town ShenZhen GuangDong China
TEL:(0755)8401 2336
FAX:(0755)8401 2202


2002   Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd. has founded
2003   We have certified with UL and CSA 
2007   Shenzhen Wahchangwei Technology Co.,Ltd. has founded
2009   Hongkong Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang  Office,Shunde  Office   and Xiamen  office are set up.
2012   We have bought new manufacture plant and office building
2013   In June,we have obtained 8  Patent Certificates of New and Practical     Model(1.High permeability water and silicone glassfiber sleeving;2.High       strength casing of acrylic coated glassfiber;3.Resistance to high               pressure Acrylic fiberglass sleeving.4..Fire-resistant glass fiber    casing;5.High temperature resistant cable protection sleeve;6.Silicone rubber fiberglass seevig cen Protect the electrical circuit;7.Multi-function silicone fiber casing;8.High temperature resistant silicone rubber glass sleeving.)
2013   In Nov.,Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co,Ltd. Longgang Branch has founded.
2014   In Jan.,we have obtained ISO/TS 16949:2009 which is issued by third party authority SGS
2014   In Aug.,we have obtained the certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise issued by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee,Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Municipality Office of State Administration of Taxation and Local Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality,and be assessed as associator  by Shenzhen High and New Technology Industry Association.
2014   In Aug.,be assessed as associator  by China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association
2015   In Apr. we have been assessed as one of Shenzhen Hundred Independent 
Innovation small and medium Enterprises.
Today  WCW has been cooperating with thousands of companies worldwide, the market throughout the United States, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Iran, etc Countries.we has become China's largest insulation materials research and development, production and sales base.

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