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ADD:A5 Block QiuShuiLing Industry Area
E-Gong-Ling,PingHu Town ShenZhen GuangDong China
TEL:(0755)8401 2336
FAX:(0755)8401 2202


Welcome [ShenZhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd.] site, and sincerely hope that this website can promote you to our company have a better understanding and awareness. Shenzhen City, a Granville Industrial Co., Ltd. Since its inception, the development is strong, constantly expanding the scale, relying on the community and the new and old customers care and support, by the joint efforts of all staff.     My company's product quality and enthusiastic attitude are played by the market test. In today's rapid development of market economy, an increasingly competitive market situation, we will continue to strengthen quality control, improve production technology, improve the service, the real production process throughout the quality control system. Recalling the past, we are proud of: to give the market to provide a satisfactory product; Looking to the future, our own future and the future is full of confidence and strength, and is determined to live up to expectations, continue to maintain and carry forward the spirit of hard work, perseverance to climb Shenzhen City, a new peak of Granville Industrial Co., Ltd. of development. We believe: the quality as a corporate soul, to sustainable development, the staff as their families, to thriving, the market as the best tutor, in order to constantly develop new products, the customer as their friends, can really do intentions. We hope that our website to become a bridge of friendship between you and Shenzhen City, a Granville Industrial Co., Ltd. is willing to bring the bridge you a new perspective and joy. I wish you: good luck, and happiness!

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