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Huge business opportunities in the global market of insulating material, to China, for example, in 2007 the value of the insulation material production rose sharply to 11.9 billion yuan, compared with 2006 production value increased by 72.0%. As the Chinese economy continues to improve, the Chinese production of precision electrical quantity on the increase, the amount of insulating material is thus increased, it is an important factor in China's rapidly growing insulating material market driven. The South China is famous all types of electrical appliances production base, as the demand for household appliances has risen Mainland China Household Electrical Appliances domestic demand since 2003 RMB 4,736 billion yuan in 2007 to $ 8,665 billion, a CAGR 16.3%. As for overseas markets, imports into the United States strong Chinese GDP growth made household appliances and kitchen utensils, imports increased from $ 4.6 billion in 2003 increased to $ 9,000,000,000 in 2007, a CAGR of 17.8%.     Also used in China, the total market capitalization of the cable silicone parts in 1998 to RMB 50 million young, but by 2007, about the amount increased to 1.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 40 percent, by 2010, China is expected to silicone insulation material The annual output value will reach 1.94 billion yuan. See, for silicone insulating material is applied to the high-voltage power transmission equipment, the latest generation of insulation material, which significantly increases the application scope of wire, signal cables and protection, and other major parts and components of high temperature will be.       At the same time demand is mainly used for household appliances, glass fiber insulation material rather than large-scale precision electrical installations stable, in 2008-2010 the annual growth is expected to remain at 12-16% level, the annual output value will reach 2010 7.3 billion yuan. A number of factors would be positive for the development of insulating materials market.     wahchangwei as a leader in silica glass fiber and insulating materials, with the industry's most advanced production technology accumulation, the latest production equipment, high-quality management personnel, and the largest industrial base in China, Chong Wei has been on the market each Species tested. . . wahchangwei has been adhere to the people-oriented personnel policy, the company try to be utilized, can make the best use from 2002 factories, in just ten years, China has accumulated a lot Chong Wei has a theoretical basis and practical experience of the staff , together, step by step developed to have three production bases, the annual output value of millions of companies.

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